WASTELANDERS (collectif)

Marvel explorera à nouveau le futur post-apocalyptique de Old Man Logan dans une série de 5 one-shots qui seront publiés en décembre.

Il y aura Wolverine par Steven S. De Knight et Ibrahim Moustafa


Star-Lord par Rich Douek et Brent Peeples


Doom par Torunn Gronbekk et Julius Ohta


Black Widow par Steven S. De Knight et Well-Bee


et Hawkeye par Ethan Sacks et Ibraim Roberson.


Le communiqué officiel :

Marvel Comics has announced five new Wastelanders one-shots in December, spinning off of Old Man Logan.

Steven S. DeKnight, known for his work on Netflix’s Daredevil and Wolverine: Black, White & Blood, will lead the return, alongside artist Ibrahim Moustafa in Wastelanders: Wolverine, an all-new story set in the days after the conclusion of the original Old Man Logan, as he fights once again to save the people of the Wastelands who have been crushed under the heel of the Red Skull and Bruce Banner! The super villains united and took out most of the world’s super-heroes decades ago, and while the man known as Logan attempted to live a life of peace, he had to pop the claws once again to do what he does best. But saving the day looks different with the Baby Hulk under his care. Is Logan doing the right thing by protecting the progeny of the Hulk or dooming what’s left of the war-torn world? Logan may not have long to ponder if he is crushed by the adamantium armor of his newfound enemy Downfall.

« It’s such a rare, bloody joy to be able to transport readers back to the universe of Old Man Logan in the one-shots for Wastelanders: Wolverine and Wastelanders: Black Widow, » DeKnight said. « Old friends, new foes, and quite a few surprises await. »

Wastelanders mastermind Ethan Sacks, writer of both Old Man Hawkeye and Old Man Quill, is back with artist Ibraim Roberson to bring you a never-before-told story of Hawkeye’s training with Stick, the man formerly known as Daredevil, in Wastelanders: Hawkeye. Clint Barton’s sight may be gone, but his will to avenge is stronger than ever, and with the training and expert guidance of Matt Murdock, arrows will fly again. But what is Murdock’s actual target? And how will this change Hawkeye’s path in the Wastelands?

The Mighty Valkyries writer Torunn Gronbekk and artist Julius Ohta explore the complex nature of a tyrant in Wastelanders: Doom. Doctor Doom helped wipe out the heroes on the Day the Villains Won, but even as he rules his domain in the Wastelands, a greater destiny calls to him. When a mysterious power blocks his oversight of a particular region, what he discovers will have ripple effects across the Wastelanders stories.

Writer Rich Douek makes his Marvel Comics debut alongside artist Brent Peeples in Wastelanders: Star-Lord. Star-Lord has fallen on hard times. With the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded, Peter Quill returned to Earth to find it a wasteland unlike anything he’s seen across the stars…heroes dead, villains in power. While he’s taken out one threat, others remain in the Wastelands, and Star-Lord’s own desire to assuage his guilt for being off-world during the calamity will land him right in the middle of another. Will Quill overcome the mysterious force waiting for him at the site of his lost love’s death? Or is she not really dead at all?

« I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel’s Wastelands setting ever since the original Old Man Logan series, and it’s been an honor to contribute to it with Wastelanders: Star-Lord, » Douek said. « Both the new podcast series by Ben Percy, and Old Man Quill from Ethan Sacks and Robert Gill inspired me to really dive into what makes Peter Quill tick, and to send him on a thrilling adventure in this grim and gritty version of the Marvel Universe. I can’t wait for readers to come along for the ride and see what we’ve cooked up! »

Bookending the saga, DeKnight will team up with artist Well-Bee to introduce the Wastelander’s take on Natasha Romanoff in Wastelanders: Black Widow. The Lizard King has grown monstrous and deadlier than ever as the lord of his southern domain. But when rumor breaks that critical information is believed to be stored in his impenetrable fortress, only the greatest spy of all is up to the infiltration: the deadly Black Widow/ But who is she, and how has she survived this many decades in the Wastelands undetected?

Par moment, j’ai presque l’impression de voir du Kyle Baker 2.0 sur les couvertures (principalement celle sur la Veuve Noire qui doit me rappeler une des poses ou textures de son court récit sur Hawkman).

Les couvertures sont de Josemaria Casanovas.

Je ne les trouve pas vraiment réussies, je dois avouer.

C’est quand même fou comment Old Man Logan a déclenché de spin-offs… alors que, franchement, ce n’est vraiment pas le futur alternatif le plus excitant que Marvel ait proposé.
Bon, je suis curieux du one-shot sur Doom, et Ibrahim Moustafa avait un dessin très joli sur le Fate de Paul Levitz.

Moi c’est l’inverse (air connu).

C’est dans l’air du temps : l’imaginaire post-apo revient en force.


Mais suis-je ou es-tu la version Terre-3 de l’autre ? :slight_smile:

C’est vrai, on a plusieurs mini-séries sur Maestro, aussi.

Et je pense que c’est un écho de l’ambiance actuelle : la société n’a pas le moral, le futur fait peur.


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Et il est réconfortant, aussi, de plonger dans « les valeurs sûres » du passé (= récits qu’on a aimés).

Ce à quoi est « condamné » PAD ces temps-ci par rapport à sa gloire d’antan (les mini Symbiote Spider-Man & Maestro, X-Factor dans X-Men Legends ou encore le revival de Spider-Man 2099 avec Sliney). D’ici à ce qu’il s’occupe à nouveau de Genis…

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