WEB OF VENOM : CULT OF CARNAGE (Frank Tieri / Danilo Beyruth)

Après Ve’Nam, Carnage Born et Venom Unleashed, il y aura un nouveau chapitre de la saga Web of Venom en avril : Cult of Carnage.

Ce quatrième one-shot est scénarisé par Frank Tieri (Wolverine) et dessiné par Danilo Beyruth (déjà à l’oeuvre sur Carnage Born).

Devin Lewis (responsable éditorial) :

CARNAGE, one of the scariest villains in the Marvel Universe, is back and bringing his special brand of mayhem with him! For weeks, he’s been working in the shadows, but now, he and his cult of psychotic, devoted acolytes will make their presence known in the biggest, baddest, and scariest way you’ve ever seen.”

Donny Cates (scénariste de Venom) :

“WEB OF VENOM: CULT OF CARNAGE is a big puzzle piece in the overall conspiracy we’ve been building since VENOM #1. As much as CARNAGE BORN was the rebirth of Cletus Kasady, CULT OF CARNAGE will give readers a larger look at our favorite serial killer’s overarching plan. Big, BIG things are coming for Venom, folks, and it begins here, in CULT OF CARNAGE! #GodIsComing!”


Source : www.comicscontinuum.com

S’ils faisaient un lien avec la série de Conway & Perkins, ça serait cool.


A new terror has risen on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, stirring in the depths of space. But evil is also rising on Earth, claiming one victim at a time in the name of the killer called CARNAGE!

Frank Tieri
Danilo Beyruth
Cover Illustrator
Joshua Cassara
Release Date : April 10, 2019



Source : www.adventuresinpoortaste.com