WONDER WOMAN '77 (Marc Andreyko / Johnson, Haley, Ortiz)

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Après Batman '66, l’éditeur DC Comics proposera une web-série inspirée par la série télévisée Wonder Woman de 1977 où la célèbre amazone était interprétée par Linda Carter.
Le scénariste Marc Andreyko se chargera du scénario de la première histoire en 6 chapitres.

Ci-dessous, la couverture de Nicola Scott.

Le site de l’éditeur: dccomics.com

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Et après, Superman '55 avec le Supes de Georges Reeves ? :wink:

En tout cas, j’apprécie pour l’instant ce que fait DC avec ses titres numériques (que je lis en TPB), donc je surveillerai celui-là…

(Le Doc) #3

[quote]I think it can be summed up in two words: Lynda Carter. What was great about Lynda’s performance and why it’s such an iconic performance of an iconic character is, people don’t remember that, in the '70s, there wasn’t a lot of superhero stuff in the media. It wasn’t like it is now, when the studios are doing multiple $400 million budget movies about these superheroes. There was the Hulk TV show, which actually came after Wonder Woman, there was the Wonder Woman TV show, there was the Batman Adam West show, and there were some cartoons.

And you know, Wonder Woman was the first show that really paid respect to the tone of the character and did it seriously, but with a sense of fun. It wasn’t dark. It wasn’t pretentious.

Lynda’s portrayal was an elegant, classy, maternal woman who really made you want to be a better person. There was just something to pure and respectful about her performance.[/quote]


(ALEXA) #4

[quote]Why do you think this TV show has so many fans today?

I think it has a lot to do with Lynda’s performance. There’s just something… She’s stunningly beautiful, she’s empowered, she’s attractive without being too sexy. There’s just a sort of all-American, beautiful, soothing, maternal quality to her. She’s what Wonder Woman should be. She encompasses everything great and powerful about being a woman, and Lynda took it all seriously. There was no judging the fact that she was playing a super hero. She took it as seriously as if she was playing Florence Nightingale or Eleanor Roosevelt. It was a role and she threw herself into it, and it shows. It’s what makes it have so much impact and such timelessness.

People tend to get spoiled reading those lists of the fifty super hero movies coming out in the next five years. Back in the day, until Tim Burton’s Batman changed everything, super hero stuff was few and far between, and most of it erred on the side of being really silly. So to have something that spoke to a character in a way that was fun, accessible and respectful, that really stood out and it continues to do so—it’s one of the best performances in super hero film and television.[/quote]


[size=200]Interview with Writer Marc Andreyko[/size]

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Voici la couverture de la variante par Phil Jimenez.
Superbe tout simplement !!

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L’année prochaine Diana va rencontrer Jaime chez Dynamite.

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