MARTINE MOON! (Darko Macan/Goran Sudžuka)

Hi there, Marcos Martín here, taking over the Panel Syndicate’s newsletter. Why, you ask. Well, in these times it seemed wrong to have an impersonal, « corporate » voice as our only connection to the readers, even when the only alternative is such a nasal, droning voice like mine. So you can rest assured there’s no AI involved in these semi regular outbursts of information into the virtual ether, and in fact, hardly any intelligence whatsoever.

But back to the matter at hand, we’re proud to welcome two absolute legends like writer Darko Macan and artist Goran Sudžuka into our fold, with their 3-issue limited series MARTINE MOON!

MARTINE MOON is an action adventure story in the tradition of the newspaper strips of old and presented in a similar widescreen, black-and-white format. In the words of their own creators:

« Beautiful, bold and only slightly bitchy, MARTINE MOON would like nothing better than to enjoy each new day, champagne and shrimp cocktails, but aliens, gods, terrorists and scum from every corner of history keep showing up and making her life impossible. »

So there you go. Originally published in France and Croatia, this first issue is now available at for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!